AWT  Wellness


Thank you for visiting! This website is home to two initiatives that are very important to me; my professional practice, AWT Wellness, and my personal passion of dog rescue, A Wagging Tail.

AWT Wellness

A health care practice offering injury rehabilitation and relief of chronic pain using Bioflex Laser Therapy. BioFlex Laser Therapy is a safe, effective and painless therapy that relieves pain, reduces inflammation, increases joint mobility, and regenerates new tissue.

Treatments using Reiki are also available and are intended to restore balance in body systems allowing for physical and emotional healing.

A Wagging Tail

This is a volunteer project that was developed in response the the plight of the millions of healthy, adoptable dogs who lose their lives in shelters every year. I do my best to promote and advertise dogs that are searching for adoptive families. I also foster dogs in order to get them out of the shelter environment, and assist in placing them in their forever homes.

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