I  was born a dog lover.  My earliest memories are of yearning for a dog.  But, despite that, my parents did not agree to getting a dog until I was 10 years old.  Our family looked after a beautiful, cream-coloured poodle named Taffy for a few days while she was awaiting a new home.  Thus began my love of poodles.  Shortly after our brief stint as dog-sitters, I was told that I could use money I had saved to buy either a TV for my bedroom, or a dog.  Ha! Not much of a decision! Since that turning point in my life, I have been an adoptive mum to three  perfect miniature poodles.  Each of the first two lived to over 16 years of age.  I adored both of them, and was truly heartbroken when I lost them.  I mourn them to this day.  The third, Gracie,  is presently six years old.  All three of my perfect pups came from breeders.  I’ve loved them all, and wouldn’t change a thing about them, or about where they came from. But…

On to turning point #2…

My beautiful little Gracie is  an extremely social little dog, and even though I have  always  thought as myself as a one-dog kind of  girl, I felt it might be best for Gracie to have a canine sibling. I worried that she would be less bonded to me if I had two dogs in the family, but in spite of that  I started to seriously consider  adding  a second  dog to my family. It was  around this same time that I  began to awaken to the plight of dogs in rescue.  I can’t recall exactly what started me down this path, but  more and more I became aware  of the vast need  of so  many millions of dogs awaiting  adoption. I guess the saying “When the student  is ready, the teacher will appear” applies here.  Suddenly, it seemed like everywhere I looked  I was seeing stories  related to  abandoned dogs in need of loving homes.  

I started to search rescue  sites for  a dog to adopt.  I was  looking for a female poodle  who was about two  or three years old.  I searched for  over a year and a half, but never quite found the right fit.  There were dogs that fit what I was looking for, but they  were not living near my geographic location, and, at that time, I wasn’t aware of the transport options that exist.  I thought  that perhaps I was trying to hard to find the “perfect fit” for my family, and  decided to let the perfect dog find me. The universe does work in mysterious ways, and the perfect dog did find me.  In fact, he found his way directly into my heart.  Casper was  rescued by the Greater Moncton SPCA.  He had been mauled by other dogs and left for dead in a ditch.  He was in very poor shape, and was not given  much hope for survival.  Despite this, the GMSPCA decided to take a chance on him and try to save his life.  I fell in love with him from the story of his rescue, donated to his medical care, and followed all of the updates about him. A month later, following much medical care and a necessary surgery, he was ready for adoption.  Well, you can guess the rest.  I didn’t get the young female poodle that I thought I wanted.  I became  an adoptive-mum to a  nine year old, male poodle/terrier mix, with a slew of health challenges.  He is absolutely perfect!!  He is a sweetheart, and he has proven to be the perfect sibling to Gracie.  She too is a sweetheart, and I can’t imagine the situation working out more perfectly.

casper_5     Casper before adoption…

Gracie and Casper two weeks after adoption
Gracie and Casper two weeks after adoption

Do all rescue adoptions work out so perfectly? Probably not, but I’m sure that many do.  I would have never have dreamed how easily a senior dog with significant “baggage” could fit into a new home.  I also did not expect to feel so  honoured to be able to  give a  sweet soul a new start in life.

My hope now is that I can help other families find their perfect fit with a  loving dog in need of a new start.  I believe that every life counts, and that all dogs deserve a gentle  caress, soft words of praise, and a soft, warm place to sleep each night.  They deserve  to know love.

Please  feel free to share your rescue story with me here. 

Peace | Love  | Rescue

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