dogs in need…

Every abandoned  dog living in a  shelter, or being cared for by a compassionate rescue organization, deserves a loving home. Because I believe that every life counts, I have  created this site to provide information regarding the  plight of dogs in need of loving homes, and resources to help prospective adopters  find the perfect  pet for their family.

Millions of abandoned dogs are waiting to be adopted.  Sadly, for many that day will never come. Every dog that is adopted  is another innocent life saved.  Each  and every one of these lives deserves to be celebrated, and it is my hope that this site will help to add to the number of lives saved.

Unable to turn my back on the millions of healthy, adoptable dogs being destroyed everyday in shelters, I created A Wagging Tail. Help is needed in so many areas: education, spay/neuter programs, adoption  awareness, etc.  If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, please consider rescue. Spread the word to friends and family.  Get involved and support local rescues in your neighbourhood. Follow me here, and on social media. Share your thoughts and ideas.  Join me in working towards  a magnificent outcome to this heartbreaking situation.   Every life saved is cause for celebration.

Adopting one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog surely the world will change forever.