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how a wagging tail came to be

My name is Jan Hooper. I was born in rural New Brunswick, Canada, and though I’ve lived in a number of cities across the country,  I now reside in Moncton, New Brunswick.

 From my earliest days, I’ve always loved dogs. Earlier in my life, I was blessed with  two beautiful poodles who have since passed on.  Frisky, a spunky, black miniature was my first pup.  Abby, a beautiful, chocolate  miniature  followed closely after losing Frisky.  Both of these girls lived to over 16 years of age, and both hold  a permanent place in my heart.

My third poodle, Gracie, was born in  2010.  She may very well be the world’s happiest and friendliest dog.  She is a very social little pup, and in 2013 I began to think that perhaps she needed a canine companion.  Thus began my search for a sibling for Gracie.  Even though all of my dogs to that point had been poodle puppies adopted from breeders, from the beginning I felt like I should be looking to rescue an older dog.  I began to scour rescue sites  for what I thought would be the perfect fit. The more I considered adding a rescue dog to my family, the more I began to see stories of rescue, and dogs in need everywhere I turned.

After over a year and a half of searching and researching, Casper found me.  Casper  is my sweet little terrier/poodle cross (I believe him to be a yorkie/poodle mix).  In May 2015, when I adopted him from the  Greater Moncton SPCA, he was estimated to be 9 years old.  He was recovering from extensive injuries and health problems, and he is the  sweetest of personalities.  He is a far cry from the dog that I thought I was looking for, and he is absolutely perfect!

Adoption Day! Our first family picture.
Adoption Day! Our first family picture.

a wagging tail

After adopting Casper, I continued to search rescue sites, not because I wanted to adopt another dog, but because all of the other dogs in need had wormed their way into my heart as well.  In July 2016, I had what Oprah would call an “ah-ha” moment.  I was looking at a rescue site that had posted a courtesy link from a high kill shelter in the southern US.  This link showed five dogs – healthy, young, adoptable dogs – who would be killed by the next day at  5:00 PM if they were not adopted by then.  It broke my heart.  I’m not sure why that particular posting had more of an impact on me than others that I had seen, but I knew in that moment that this was no longer an issue that I could turn my back on.  I knew that no matter how big or small an impact I could make, I had to do something.

Adopting one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog surely the world will change forever.”

starting points

I work full-time in another industry, so I am building this project in stages.  The problem of unwanted pets is massive, particularly in the southern US.  There  are many, many wonderful people and organizations  working hard  to affect change and save lives. The reality is that there are millions of healthy, adoptable dogs killed every year in shelters.  Millions of lives wasted. Help is needed in so many areas: education, spay/neuter programs, adoption  awareness, etc.

Stage one for me is to grow a community of people interested in adopting, fostering, spreading the word, or simply lending positive energy to the cause.  I hope to provide education, inspiration, and awareness to  anyone willing to listen. It would be easy to head down a dark road  focusing with anger upon all of the negative things that are happening.  That is not a  path I care to  take .  I want to focus on what can be done to drive positive change. There is way too much hate in the world.  I am choosing to approach this problem with love.

Peace | Love | Rescue

how can you help?

Every life saved is cause for celebration.  If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, consider rescue. Spread the word to friends and family.  Get involved and support local rescues in your neighbourhood. Follow me here, and on social media. Share your thoughts and ideas.  Join me in working towards  a magnificent outcome to this heartbreaking situation.

Hug your dog!